Symposium: Frontiers of Glass Science

Scope of the Symposium:

All submissions should address essential problems in the frontiers of glass science. Speakers are instructed to review and analyze the state-of-art critically and to point out open, relevant issues in their topics.
Other types of research reports can be presented as posters.
We are planning to publish a special issue of the Journal of Non-crystalline Solids with articles that follow the above-listed instructions.

Final Program

Abstracts on the following subjects may be submitted:

  • Glass structure
    • Short, intermediate and medium range order in glasses and their relationships to dynamic processes or properties
  • Dynamic processes
    • Viscous flow, relaxation, liquid-liquid phase separation, crystal nucleation and growth, overall crystallization, glass-forming ability
  • Properties
    • Mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, chemical, etc.

Symposium Organizers:

Invited Speakers:

    • Daniel Neuville - Channels in glass structure
    • Martin Wilding - Glass structure by XRD and MD simulation
    • Walter Kob - MD simulation
    • Mathieu Micolaut - MD simulation
    • Guillaume Ferlat - MD simulation
    • Guido Ori - MD simulation
    • Mathieu Bauchy - MD simulation
    • Pierre Lucas - Srong/fragile transition in chalcogenide glasse
    • Ralf Müller - glass sintering with concurrent crystallizatio
    • Edgar D. Zanotto - Glasses and glass-ceramics for ceramists
    • Ashwini Ghosh - Electrical properties of glass
    • Ana C.M. Rodrigues - Electrical properties of glass
    • Morten Smedskjaer - Mechanical properties of glass
    • Satoshi Yoshida - Mechanical properties of glass
    • Francisco Sebena - Mechanical properties of glass-ceramics
    • Jianrong Qiu - Optical glass-ceramics
    • Chao Liu - Quantum dots in glasses
    • Julian Jones - Bioactive glasses
    • Richard Brow - Bioactive glasses
    • John McCloy - Natural glasses
    • Ashutosh Goel - Nuclear waste glasses

Scientific Committee:
  • Hellmut Eckert, São Carlos, Brazil
  • Prabhat K. Gupta, Columbus, USA
  • Walter Kob, Montpellier, France
  • Jianrong Qiu, Hangzhou, China
  • Mattieu Micolaut, Paris, France
  • Daniel Neuville, Paris, France
  • Juern Schmelzer, Rostok, Germany
  • Vladimir M. Fokin, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Aswini Ghosh, India
  • Liping Huang, Troy, USA
  • Martin Wilding, London, UK
  • Francisco Serbena, Ponta Grossa, Brazil
  • Jong Heo, Korea

Organizers information:

Edgar Dutra Zanotto is a professor of materials science at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, director of the CeRTEV, editor of the Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids and member of the EB of 6 scientific journals. His work focuses on fundamental and applied research on crystallization kinetics and properties of glasses and glass-ceramics. Zanotto has published about 250 original and review papers, 21 book chapters, 3 books, 5 book prefaces, filled 20 patents, and advised about 75 theses. EDZ chaired 6 of the most important glass congresses, was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of more than 50 materials and glass congresses, and delivered more than 300 conference presentations, including approximately 140 invited and 20 plenary talks. He is a member of both Brazilian and São Paulo State Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), World Academy of Ceramics, and Fellow of the Soc. Glass Technology, UK, and American Ceramic Society. His 31 awards include some of the most important Brazilian awards: Admiral Alvaro Alberto, Knight (Comendador), and Scientist of the Year - Nanomaterials 2017, The TWAS Engineering Sciences Award, and 5 of the most important international glass research awards: Zachariasen Award, Gottardi Prize, Morey Award, Turner Lecture and Cooper Lecture.
Morten M. Smedskjaer is the head of the Oxide Glass Chemistry Group and Professor with specific responsibilities in the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience at Aalborg University, Denmark. He received his PhD degree in materials chemistry from the same university in 2011, and worked as a research scientist at Corning Inc. from 2011 to 2012. His current research focuses on the structure, topology, dynamics, and mechanical properties of oxide glasses. He has nine patent applications (four granted) and over 100 journal articles. His awards include the Norbert J. Kreidl Award and Best PhD Award from the Danish Academy of Natural Science.

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