Sorption properties of new type zeolite granulate

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06-171 Magdalena Król Król, M.(Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, AGH University of Science and Technology); The aim of this work was to develop and optimize the method for the preparation of spherical light granules of zeolite for application as sorbent. The used method involved hydrothermal growth of zeolite crystal on expanded glass aggregate. Besides the amorphous phase, resulting product contain mainly zeolites X, Na-P1 and hydroxysodalite. It was found that such granulate would be a composite of the zeolite phases characterized by good sorption properties supported by durable amorphous structure. The synthesis parameters, and thus, phase composition of resulting samples, significantly affected their properties. Practical aspects of Cd(II) ions sorption process onto material synthesized in selected conditions will be presented. Additionally Cu(II) and Fe(II) ions were introduced into the structure of the synthesized material to improve the NOx sorption capacity. The catalytic tests of selective reduction of nitrogen oxides have been carried out. Both Cu and Fe samples were found active and selective catalysts of the DeNOx process already at 200–250°C.

Acknowledgments: This work was financially supported by the National Science Centre in Poland under grant no. 2016/21/D/ST8/01692.

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