Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of NixPb1-xTiO3 Solid Solution and Composite: Coexistence of Ferroelectric and Antiferromagnetic Order

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08-086 João Elias F. S. Rodrigues Rodrigues, J.E.(Universidade de São Paulo); da Costa, R.C.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Gualdi, A.J.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Cunha, T.R.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); de Giovanni Rodrigues, A.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Marques, P.W.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Hernandes, A.C.(Universidade de São Paulo); Pizani, P.S.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); A complete serie of NixPb1-xTiO3 samples were synthesized by solid state reaction and their structural, vibrational, dielectric and magnetic properties were properly characterized using X-ray diffraction, Raman scattering, dielectric permittivity, magnetic susceptibility and magnetization loops. The XRD and Raman results showed the formation of solid solutions for x below 0.3, while for higher values of x there is preferentially the formation of a PbTiO3 and NiTiO3 composite. The dielectric and magnetic measurements exhibited the coexistence of the ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic orders for Ni concentrations from 0.3 to 0.9, a very interesting result for magnetoelectric device application.
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